Mielotxin was created in the summer of 2003 and in just a year it reached a prominent place in the cultural circuits of  Navarra. As a result of its partcipacion in these events they got very good criticals due to the quality and originality of its musical proposal, where they merge the youth, creativity and moderness of its members with the compromise with the traditional music of their land.

In 2004 they won the 1st prize in the seccion of New Musics at the New Artists From Navarra Contest, and the 2nd place at the Eurofolk Festival, which took place in Illora (Granada).

In 2005 they recorded their first album, titled “Empapate”. They also participated at the Finals of the Fourth Edition of the Navelgas Folk Festival (Asturias).

In 2006 They reached the 3rd place at the Escenario Prau (Cantabria) and the 1st at the Foked Blai, in Ermua (Bizkaia).

In 2007 they obtained the 1st prize at the Third Edition of the Mendebala-Sopuerta Master Recordings Contest, which consisted in the recording of their second album, “Almadierra”. For this record they had the production of Modesto Refojo, guitarrist of the Galician band Pepe Vaamonde Grupo, and they had also the colaboration of Joaquín Taboada, a pianist from Navarra.

This last work means a step forward for the band, because it shows the efforts realized by the members od the group during the last years, as well as their compromise with traditional music, which is understood under the group´s own perspective.

Mielotxin has also played in other festivals, such as Interceltico de Sendin (Portugal), Galdames International Festival (Bizkaia), Pilar Folk Festival (Zaragoza), Programa Cultur 04-07, Olatz Festival (Navarra), Ensueños Folk or Artists on the Route 2008. At these festivals they have shared the protagonism with great musicians such as Hevia, Flook, Eliseo Parra, Trádere, La Musgaña, Berrogüetto or Shooglenifty.

In 2010 they release their third studio album, named Cuando la beharra obliga, which makes reference to the expression used by our grandparents during the years that followed the end of the Spanish Civil War. In those times beharra, or great need, became the signal of the era. This record was born when the band felt the artistic need to create a new, self-financed work that could show their evolution, renewal and consolidation since the last one. Some examples of this are the arrival of three new musicians and a more professional approach to working methods, rehearsals, musical criteria and the philosophy of the band. As a result of the strong commitment to this new project, the recording of the album took place at PKO studios, under MDSK record label and with Pipo Refojo as their producer again. This collection of songs is, as in their other works, a reflection of the spirit of Mielotxin, where Euzkara and Spanish language, traditional pieces and their own creations, instrumental and vocal music… coexist within their own view of the traditional music of their homeland, in the XXI century.

In 2013 Mielotxin retires from stage for one year in order to find time to devote to some personal projects which had been set aside . Iñigo publishes a book and a show about old jotas, Beñat studies a degree in Jazz. This has been a good year to think and plan the future of the group, which becomes a trio. We try to find new sounds, giving a bigger role to traditional instruments, including more vocal variations and also the piano…. First playing variations of Mielotxin`s themes but also working on new songs which will be presented in 2014.

In 2017 the group records its fourth CD in Mecca Studios in Oiartzun with all the songs composed in the last few years. Some of them are based on songs recorded by Alan Lomax in Navarre in 1953. For this work, Mielotxin returns to its original format of a quintet with new members in percussion (Salva Tarazona)and double bass (Xabi Folch). It begins a new stage with a new live show accompanied on stage by Oinarin dancers, betting as usual that popular music and modernity are a good match from the hand of Mielotxin if musical quality, freshness and originality go hand in hand.



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